Ecology Friendly Polymeric Materials

Interest in ecology-friendly or "green" polymeric materials is growing due to concerns with increasing carbon emission and the limited nature of petroleum and natural gas resources. These "green" materials contain polymers and possibly fillers which are either biodegradable or from renewable resources. The lifecycle of renewable polymeric materials is a carbon-neutral process, and their use may reduce carbon dioxide accumulation in the atmosphere and dependence on petroleum-derived materials.

The life cycle of renewable polymeric materials is carbon-neutral.

The overall goal of YTCA's efforts in this area is to replace petroleum-based plastics and composites with more environmentally friendly materials. Current research efforts are focused in two main areas: (1) Polymer composites with natural fiber fillers, and (2) Biodegradable plastics and composites.

Green plastics and composites have numerous potential applications in Yazaki products such as automotive wire harness components, electric wires and cable components, connectors, housings for meters and other electronic devices, sensor components, etc. Potential applications in other industrial areas are also under consideration.

Potential applications are numerous for ecology friendly plastics and composites, including automotive wire harnesses, connectors, and instrument clusters, and industrial equipment such as gas meter housings.

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