Environmental Activities

YTC America Inc. recognizes that preservation of the global environment and its resources is of vital importance to all mankind.

We are committed to keeping our focus on the following principles as we engage in all business-related activities:

  • Ensuring the prevention or minimization of environmental pollution
  • Meeting all applicable regulatory and other environmental requirements
  • Setting and reviewing our environmental objectives and targets
  • Continually improving our environmental management system

Environmental Management Program (EMP): YTC America has two currently active EMP efforts, as follows:

  • Reducing overall energy use (electric, gas, etc.) of the company
  • Implementing green business practices (e.g. waste recycling, paperwork reduction, etc.) wherever possible.

New policies and procedures are implemented on at least a semi-annual basis to meet the goals of these programs. New EMPs will be enacted in the future to ensure continuous improvement of YTCA's environmental management system.

In addition to our in-house efforts to reduce our environmental impact, YTCA is taking steps to associate ourselves as much as possible with environmentally conscious suppliers that do their best to adhere to certain environmental standards.  Please use our Contact Us page to request more information.

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