Our Company History


  • Incorporated as Orion Laboratories, a joint venture between Yazaki Corporation and Mitsubishi Corporation to develop optical fiber cables for telecommunications.


  • Initiated research on synthesis of high purity silica near-net shapes via sol-gel technology.
  • Continued fiber optics related activities in parallel.

1989 – 1991

  • Developed capability to fabricate various types of optical fiber cables.
  • Established optical fiber draw and hermetic fiber coating technology.
  • Developed sol-gel synthesis process for high purity silica-germania rods used to draw optical fibers.


  • Became wholly-owned subsidiary of Yazaki Corporation, Japan; Company name changed to YTC America, Inc.

1992 – 1995

  • Completed fiber optics related development and transferred technology to Yazaki operating division; Commercial fiber optic cable product launched successfully in the electric power cable industry in Japan.
  • Expanded sol-gel related research activities for development of functional thin films and synthesis of multi-component ceramic oxides.
  • Developed multi-component ceramic oxide material for gas sensing.
  • Broadened materials research activities to include development of sputtered films and electronic ceramic materials

1996 – 1997

  • Developed solution-based multi-layer anti-reflection and anti-glare coatings.
  • Anti-reflective coating product introduced in dashboard instrument display of Toyota’s first hybrid car Prius.
  • Transferred coating technology to Yazaki operating division; Plant built in Japan to manufacture anti-reflection coating related products.
  • Received Toyota’s prestigious Engineering Innovation award.

1998 – 2003

  • Completed development of sol-gel process for high purity near-net shape silica component fabrication; Technology developed to fabricate photomask substrates for IC industry.
  • Initiated product customization and pilot plant activities for commercialization of multiple technologies and to create new business opportunities.

2004 – Current

  • Licensing technology to multiple companies; business alliances formed.
  • Diversified research activities; new technology development platforms started in areas of carbon nanotubes, ecology friendly materials, hybrid and nano-colloid materials, vehicle connectivity systems, etc.
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