Carbon Nanotubes

The main target of YTCA's carbon nanotube (CNT) research effort is to develop commercially viable products by exploiting the inherent advantages of these advanced materials, and by enhancing their properties as needed to target specific applications.

Chemically modified CNT materials with advanced properties have been synthesized at YTCA using proprietary technology. These novel materials are referred to as "hybrid CNTs" because they contain elements or compounds filling the hollow CNT cavities or coating the CNT surfaces. By varying the type and concentration of the non-carbon component, properties of the hybrid CNT materials can be tailored to match the requirements of a particular application.

For example, by selecting appropriate hybrid CNT material(s), it is possible to fine tune the sensitivity and selectivity of a CNT-based gas sensor. Electronic band structure of hybrid CNTs can also be controlled leading to desired enhancement of either metallic or semiconducting behavior.

YTCA is currently active in multiple research activities in the CNT field. The areas of interest are:

Carbon nanotube bundles as observed by high-resolution electron microscopy.

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