Vehicle Connectivity Systems


At YTCA, we are focusing our efforts to develop technologies for smart communication that help to connect vehicles, homes and communities. Our aim is to shape the connected vehicle experience by developing innovative intelligent communication platforms. YTCA’s current areas of interest are:

-  Smart Electric vehicle charging communication

-  Smart Vehicle2X communication

By collaborating with Standards Organizations (SAE, DIN, ISO), Automotive OEMs and other stakeholders, we are committed to introducing new green mobility communication systems that improve the way of life for all automotive users in an environmentally friendly manner.


Current Focus:

  • Smart Electric Vehicle (EV/PHEV) charging communication

Electric vehicles are becoming an integral part of the smart grid eco system. Electric vehicles consume power from smart grids to charge their batteries. In the future they can also become mobile storage units for energy and feed the energy back to the smart grid in times of high demand. To accomplish this complex communication between the electric vehicles, smart grid, home energy management systems and electric vehicle supply equipments (EVSE), standards are necessary. YTCA research team is working closely, keeping in pace with the upcoming communications standards developed by Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and other standards organization around the world, and is infusing innovation in developing smart communication platform to meet these demands.


  • Smart Vehicle2X communication

Last few years have seen an explosion in innovation in connected world experience that has transformed people’s lives. The next big wave is connected vehicle experience. With the advent of connected vehicle eco system, automotive consumers will experience for the first time seamless connectivity from home to their destination. Connected vehicles will communicate with infrastructure (Vehicle to Infrastructure) and with other vehicles (Vehicle to Vehicle) to radically improve safety, optimize congestion management and decrease pollution. Connected vehicles will also enhance the driving experience through easy access to entertainment, news and other services that are generally only available at home or office. Our research teams are engaged in developing smart innovative communication platforms that can meet these challenges and provide valuable services to our customers.

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